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plant humidifier

plant humidifier

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Our plant humidifier is the perfect companion for your indoor jungle! Keep your tropical plants happy and content with a quiet, constant flow of humidity.

Who said we can't spoil our plants?


  • Two (2) spray modes: Continuous & Intermittent
  • Two (2) light modes: Solid white & Party (rainbow)
  • Auto-shut off once water levels are low


How long does battery last?

The humidifier is powered via USB, so it can be plugged into any outlet or external charger for more mobility

How much water do I need to put in?

Ideally you want to have all 4 holes of the device submerged in water but if it runs out of water it will automatically shut off

How loud is it?

It is surprisingly quiet, shouldn’t disturb you at all

What type of water do I put in?

Do not use distilled water, any tap or mineral water will be great.

Can I put essential oils inside of it

We recommend that you only use tap or mineral water, essential oils can gum up the device

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Raymundo Hermann

Great, it looks good quality and it works very well. It will be necessary to see what goes with time.

Lilliana Hayes

Well built unit puts out a nice steady stream

Clement Raynor

Everything works well

Billy Eichmann

It works well. I bought it in Korea because it has a similar shape. The weight is lighter, so I bought it for the greenhouse. You can't use it, but there are some cases where there are pins underneath, and you can clean the entrance with vinegar. It's all right.

Kamryn Kovacek

Very comfortable.